Updates and Introducing ‘Sticky’s Cabana’!

Big, big things are coming for Stickz! Unfortunately, ‘The Hall’ in Jefferson City MO has closed it’s doors. So our response with ‘Stickz Records’ was to open our own venue!! May 15th we debut our new project with the alt rock/punk band named NEED BAIL. Things are still getting off the ground, but so far we have a concert stage built and ready to go along with a full bar and restroom facilities. We are ‘out in the country’, so the homey vibe of being close to family and having a good time around a bon fire is definitely our biggest attraction.

So check us out on facebook and see the shows we have going on! We’ll have everything from EDM/psytrance to classic rock and country.

If you are an artist looking for a venue, or maybe you just need a nice venue to throw your party, make sure to reach out to us! Let’s make something beautiful together!!!